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Sage Qualifications, UK - Online Courses in Accounting and Finance

Sage Qualifications, UK

Sage Qualifications is Sage UK’s National Accredited Education Programme. We work with Awarding Bodies to develop qualifications from Sage UK.

We at Sage Qualifications, UK have created a range of online learning programmes and qualifications for individuals and learning providers who want to improve and accredit their skills in the use of Sage software for accounting and payroll.

Sage Qualifications, UK course content has been prepared and stringently tested, it is continually updated as the software improves, with the aim of giving our learners a complete and range of skills and capabilities. This gives the learner the knowledge and confidence to use the full functionality of Sage software for accounting and payroll; with hands-on experience that will allow you to excel in the workplace.

London School of Business and Research, UK offers Sage Qualifications which makes it easy for you to find course that suits your requirements. We have over 12,000 learners currently on our learning portal and they constantly tell us how much they have learnt and how interesting and interactive the courses are to do.


In 2005, we created the concept of benchmarked skills in the use of Sage with the aim of enabling businesses to have better control and information about their performance. Three years of research, development and piloting followed and we pioneered the development of the Sage Accredited Qualifications programme together with its awarding body partners.

Sage Qualifications UK have since developed an e-learning portal from which all of our courses are delivered (unless access to the portal is not possible, e.g. within a prison – where we provide workbooks). We also give the learners the latest version of the relevant Sage software for the duration of the course (up to a year). We work with many sectors of learners – within universities, colleges, schools, prisons and private providers as well as delivering courses ourselves.

Course Levels and Types

Sage Qualifications UK offer different courses and levels based on learner needs. All courses come complete with 6 months of Sage 50 Software (this can be extended), course materials, tasks, self-test activities with model answers, practice tests and start files. All of our courses are available to providers as classroom based or distanced learning via our learning portal and to individual learners as distance learning also via the portal.


Sage Qualifications UK have partnered with both CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales) to create accredited courses that suit both Awarding Organisations. Both courses work particularly well in the University market and are offered at Foundation and Advanced Levels. These courses can be embedded in to the university course or act as an additional extra. Upon successful completion of these courses – a learner would gain a duel branded certificate with either CIMA or the ICAEW and Sage


These courses have been created for anyone that would like to learn Sage or refresh their knowledge of the software. They are not RQF qualifications and are accredited by Sage.

These courses are standalone Sage courses and offer a more in-depth learning experience than the end user training that is also offered by Sage Qualifications UK as they give the underlying accounting knowledge (manual accounting principles) in addition to the computerised skills. This is so the learner understands how the software is working and posting information. In this way, the user is better able to control and use the software as well as correct information and make adjustments to management reports..

These Sage courses are offered at Levels 1-3 in both Accounting and Payroll. Upon successful completion of the course the learner would gain a Sage certificate.


Sage Qualifications UK have partnered with selected Awarding Bodies to create accredited qualifications in both Accounting and Payroll at Levels 1-3. All of these qualifications are on the RQF and can attract public funding if required. Sage are currently working in conjunction with the following Awarding Bodies: City & Guilds, OCR and Skillsfirst.

Sage Qualifications UK have also created materials that are mapped to the current AAT standards for Computerised Accounting software at levels 1 and 2. These materials could offer RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) for the required AAT unit.

These qualifications can also be chosen to form part of an apprenticeship framework if required. Upon successful completion of a Sage Qualification, a learner would gain a certificate from the desired awarding body and an awarding body unit certificate alongside a Sage certificate.

All courses come with easy to follow, colourful and comprehensive fully interactive learning materials complete with videos and tutorials. All courses have an end test and at least one Practice simulation to pull together the learning from the course workbook.

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